Cable Television Commission

The Commission meets when needed.  Five members serve 3 year terms and are appointed by the Mayor with approval from the City Council. 

The Commission provides harmonious resolution of complaints between citizen subscribers and the City's cable television franchises, and to promote compliance with the City's cable television franchise and regulatory ordinances.

Specific Power and Duties:
  1. Investigate and review any unresolved complaints against the franchisees brought by any subscriber of said franchisee.
  2. Render a decision subject to further review by the City Council assisted and advised by the Cable Television Commission in regard to compliance with the terms of the City franchise and cable television regulatory ordinances by subscribers and franchisees.

Commission Member                 Term Expires

Jean Warg                                   August 1, 2011
Patricia Hill                                  August 1, 2012
Richard Higgins                            August 1, 2013
Vacancy                                      April 1, 2011
David Wolff                                 April 1, 2012

Anyone wishing to apply for this commission may contact the Mayors Office at 573-7144 or print off an application form located under the related pages tab.

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