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Downtown Parking System

The Downtown is unique. Many buildings were built during a time where parking was not needed. Therefore, the City's Zoning Ordinance doesn't require on-site parking like it does in other areas like the Mall. To address the concern over lack of downtown parking, the City established a public parking system.

Four key components contribute to an effective public parking system:

  1. Self-Sustaining - The system must support itself. This includes any maintenance, upgrades or modifications to the system. If not, then the community's tax payers bear the burden to support it rather than the users of the system.
  2. Customer Friendly - To be effective and efficient, a public parking system should be designed to generate turn over in the parking stalls. Providing the opportunity for customers to park as close as possible to a business is important. Parking lots for employees should be within a reasonable distance from their workplaces. On-street and off-street parking are all part of this public parking system.
  3. Cost-Friendly - The parking system must be cost friendly to all users, including customers and employees, while still providing sufficient revenue to be cost neutral.
  4. Enforceable - The system must be designed so that it is enforceable. If not, the fragile system breaks down.

This page provides information to several common questions regarding the current and future Downtown Parking System. Click on the links below to navigate to the topic of interest to you.

Parking Appeal (click here to print an appeal form)

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Coin Feed Instructions

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What's on the Horizon?

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Other Parking Related Changes

Parking Information for Downtown Businesses

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