Severe Weather Procedures

Harlan & Hazel Rogers Sports Complex





Summer in Iowa can bring ever changing weather.  When summer storms are predicted for our area, the staff of Rogers Park will implement the following procedures.


Monitoring of weather conditions by staff:


1)      Radios on at concession stands

2)     Usage of computers

3)     Visual by umps & staff for lighting/threatening weather

4)     Use of P.A.'s when weather develops



Severe (non-tornadic) storms in the area:


1)     Whenever lightning is spotted, all fields will be halted of play.  Decision by umps & Rogers Park staff.

2)     Players & Patrons should be allowed into safe areas.  (See areas below)

3)     Safe time is fifteen minutes after storm passes or lightning passes, play will resume if playing conditions allow.  By nature late afternoon & evening storms will cause closure of Rogers Park by Rogers Park staff.


Storms Containing Tornadoes


1)      Explanation of Tornado Watch/Warning:


Watch - indicates that weather conditions are right for a tornado to form, but not present.


Warning - tornado sighted or indicated on radar


2)     During a watch, Rogers Park will remain open, under close observation/discretion of park staff.


3)     During a warning Rogers Park will close immediately.  All patrons & players will be directed to safe areas (see below) inside facilities, close to walls & low to the ground.



Safe Areas * Safe Areas * Safe Areas

Staff will alert & direct public to the following areas!




South Side (Diamonds 1, 2 & 3)                       Northside

Restrooms                                                           Restrooms

Concession Stand                                               Concession Stands

In Ground Dugouts

Hall of Fame/Ticket Building


Minis Area                                                           Soccer Complex

Restrooms/Concession Building                       Restroom/Concession Building

Maintenance Shop (South Building)                 Maintenance Shed





Safe Areas * Safe Areas * Safe Areas


Cancellation of Events


1)      Games will be called by the Staff of Harlan Rogers Sports Complex at any time

2)     Late afternoon & evening storms by nature brings about the closure of the park

3)     For cancellation notice, use the following numbers :


Recreation Office Rain Out # before 5:00 p.m.  576-6888

Harlan Rogers Rain Out # all day   576-2851

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