Rosedale Rapids Aquatic Center


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Last Day: August 22nd        

Rosedale Rapids Aquatic Center is located at 1111 North 32nd Street
 OPEN SWIM      
      DAY                                        TIME                     FEE
Monday - Saturday              1:00pm-7:00pm         $6 for ages 5 & above, 4 & under FREE
Sunday                                 1:00pm-6:00pm          $6 for ages 5 & above, 4 & under FREE
 *1 adult per 2 children 4 & under     
Come & Go Daily Pass: $9.00
     (This pass allows you to leave Rosedale and re-enter later in the day)
***Holiday Hours: 1pm-6pm***
*May 30-June 2 Open Swim Hours: 4pm-7pm. Normal Fitness Hours.*
FITNESS OPPORTUNITIES (must be 16 years & older)
      DAY                                        TIME                     FEE
Monday - Friday               9:00am-12:00pm          $4 or Fitness Pass
                                            7:00pm-8:00pm          $4 or Fitness Pass
Saturday                          10:30am-12:00pm         $4 or Fitness Pass
August 23-September 15 (Mon-Fri only): 9am-12pm
       DAY                                        TIME                     FEE
Monday - Friday              10:30am-12:00pm          $4 or Fitness Pass
                                            7:00pm-8:00pm           $4 or Fitness Pass
Saturday                          10:30am-12:00pm          $4 or Fitness Pass
AQUACISE (begins Wednesday, May 31st) 
Mon/Wed/Fri                         11:00-11:45am         $4 or Punch Card (12/$30) 
***Holidays: NO FITNESS SWIM***
                    2017 SEASON PASSES                                
Family Full Season Pass $ 245.00
Family Half Pass Season 1 $ 150.00
Family Half Pass Season 2 $ 130.00
Individual Full Season Pass $ 99.00
Individual Half Pass Season 1 $ 70.00 
Individual Half Pass Season 2 $ 50.00 
Fitness Pass (Lap Swim & Water Walking) $ 65.00
Additional Babysitter Pass $ 55.00
*All Fees include tax.
Half Pass Season 1: May 29 - July 20
Half Pass Season 2: July 20 - August 22
August Amenities usually are limited due to low staff.
There will be no cash refund for any reason. Account credit will be applied for a time not exceeding two years from the date of original purchase. All services or merchandise sold by the Fort Dodge Parks & Recreation Department is sold as is without any guarantee. By making a purchase with the Fort Dodge Parks & Recreation Department, you are confirming that you have read and understand our no cash refund policy.

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Hannah Angstrom, Marketing & Operations Supervisor
1111 N 32nd St
Fort Dodge, IA 50501
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