City Council packet for February 23, 2015

Fort Dodge City Council Meeting
Council Chambers, Municipal Building
February 23, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.

1.  Call to order and roll call.

2. Approval of agenda.

Associated Documents

3. Public Hearing: to consider the disposal of Lots 3, 4 and 5 in Block 28 in the Original Town of Fort Dodge, Webster County Iowa. (401 & 413 2nd Avenue South)
3a) Resolution Approving the Offering of Property for Sale and Method of Selecting a Developer following Public Hearing.
4. Public Hearing: on proposed plans, specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for the 2nd Avenue North Improvements Project for the City of Fort Dodge, Iowa.
4a) Resolution Approving Plans and Specifications , Form of Contract and Estimate of Cost for 2nd Avenue North Improvements for the City of Fort Dodge, Iowa.
4b) Resolution Awarding Contract for 2nd Avenue North Improvements for the City of Fort Dodge, Iowa.
5. Comments and Questions from the Public.
6. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of February 2, 2015 minutes.
b. Approval of February 9, 2015 minutes.
c. Approval of Accounts Payable listing for February 27, 2015.
d. Applications for License and Permits:
e. Change Order No. 5 in the amount of $32,270.89 from Wicks Construction, Inc. for the Cross-Town Connector Phase 2 Project.
f. Resolution Setting Public Hearing on Adopting City Budget for Fiscal Year 2016.
g. Resolution Setting the Date for Public Hearings on Proposals to enter into General Obligation Loan Agreements and to borrow money thereunder.
h. Resolution Authorizing the Execution of a Memorandum of Agreement with the Marian Home, Fort Dodge, Iowa and Fixing a Date for a Hearing on the Proposed Issuance of Facility Revenue Bonds (The Marian Home), Series 2015.
i. Resolution to Provide for a Notice of Hearing on Proposed Plans and Specifications, Proposed Form of Contract, and Estimate of Cost for the East Region Phase 1C Project, and the Taking of Bids Therefore.
j. Resolution Identifying and Establishing Proper Labor Grade and Job Description for the Following City Employees.
k. Resolution Authorizing Administrative Order 15-001.
l. Resolution Amending Resolution 82-1-9, a Resolution Establishing Administrative Rules and Procedures for the City Council.
m. Contract with Pictometry Intelligent Images in the amount of $22,351.83 annually for City digital air photography.
n. Amendment No. 1 in the amount of $185,000.00 from McClure Engineering for Wastewater System Improvements Fort Dodge Community Sewer Initiative Phase I Improvements.
o. Bids received to purchase new valve operating truck and accessories for the Public Works Utilities Division Water Distribution.
p. Reject bids for new valve operating equipment for Public Works Utilities Division Water Distribution.
7. Committee and Department Reports, Correspondence and Proclamations.
Boards & Commissions (1)
Boards & Commissions (2)
8. Change Order No. 2 decreasing the contract in the amount of $19,815.29 and Pay Estimate No. 3, Sub-final, in the amount of $31,431.42 from Carstensen Contracting for the 2014 OHV Water Main Extension Project.
9. Comments and Questions from the Public.

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