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City Hall; What hours are you open?
8 AM to 5 PM Monday thru Friday (except holidays)
Work request for various items; Where do I go to make one?
Requests for City Services can be made through the Connect Fort Dodge app and website, powered by SeeClickFix. Click the link below for more information.
Paying my bills online; Can this be done?
Yes, payments for Utility Bills and ROW Excavation Permits and Registration can be made online. Click the link below to pay your Utility Bill or Excavation Permit/Registration.
Tree trimming in the city limits; is the City responsible?
The City of Fort Dodge, retains a full time Forester on the staff of the Parks and Recreation Department. The City is responsible for trimming and removing trees, at the Forester's Discretion, on city property, city streets, alleys and on parking areas. The city is NOT responsible for trees on private property under any situation. Click the link below to request a tree to be trimmed or removed.
Digging in the right-of-way; Should I contact someone?
Yes, the Engineering Department, City of Fort Dodge, Iowa @ 1-515-576-3601 AND Iowa One Call @ 1-800-292-8989 Any work performed in the right-of-way (ROW) requires a permit. Additionally, homeowners are allowed to remove and/or repair their sidewalks with a permit, but any other work performed in the ROW must be done by a registered ROW contractor. To apply for a ROW Excavation Permit, click the link below.
Public Right-of-Way; What is it?
The public right-of-way (ROW) is municipal property designated for general public use. It consists of public improvements and private utilities. Examples of public improvements include streets, sidewalks, sewers, water mains and street lights. ROW often specifically refers to the area between the public sidewalk (or property line) and the curb line of the street. While this is consider city property, the adjacent property owner is responsible to the maintenance of this area. Additionally, any and all work performed in the ROW requires a permit and may be required to be performed by a registered ROW contractor.
Sidewalk or driveway installation; Do I need a permit?
Yes. All work in the Right of Way (ROW) requires a permit from the Engineering Department. Homeowners are allowed to repair and/or replace their own sidewalks, however, any other work in the ROW must be perofrmed by a registered ROW contractor.
Public right-of-way work; What requires a right-of-way permit?
The following require a permit: Sidewalk Construction Driveway Construction Curb and Gutter Opening Sewer Service Repair or Connection Water Service Repair or Connection Storm Service Repair or Connection Installation of Irrigation Systems Trenching All types, except sidewalk repair and replacement, require the work to be performed by a registered ROW Contractor.
Excavation permit application; How and where do I complete it?
Any and all work excavation performed in the right-of-way (ROW) requires a permit from the Engineering Department, click the link below to fill out the application. While homeowners are allowed to remove and/or repair their sidewalk, all other work in the ROW, must be performed by a registered ROW Excavation Contractor.
Public Right-of-Way; Where is it?
The public right-of-way includes the street and an area of land between the street and the legal property line. The legal property line is typically in the vicinity of the back of the public walk. (This is the side of the walk, closest to your home or business)
Public Right-of-Way; What responsibilities does a homeowner have in this area?
The property owner must keep the area free from holes, depressions, ridges or obstruction that could cause injury. This includes maintenance and snow removal on sidewalks and mowing of grass.
Planting within the Public Right-of-Way; What are my options?
Citizens are encouraged to contact the Forestry Department at 515-573-5791 before they plant any trees, bushes or anything other than grass and low ground cover in the right-of-way. Some trees are not approved for right-of-way planting. Citizens should be aware that anything planted in City right-of-way can be removed for construction or maintenance.
Over-sized load on City streets; What kind of permit do I need if I will be transporting a large load in town?
An over-sized load permit is required from the Engineering Department for over-sized loads traveling in Fort Dodge. These permits can be applied for by downloading, completing, and returning the form below. You can email (engineering@fortdodgeiowa.org) or fax (515.573.5097) the permit. The permit application will be processed and returned to you. Please allow at least 24 hours for the review and approval process.
Sidewalk width; What should it be?
Residential sidewalks must be at least 4 feet wide on local streets and 5 feet wide on arterial streets. Commercial and industrial sidewalks must be at least 5 feet wide.
Sidewalk thickness; What should it be?
Sidewalks should be a minimum of 4 inches thick. Sidewalk through driveways shall be 6 inches thick, or the driveway thickness, whichever is greater. Sidewalks through alleys shall be 6 inches thick. Click the link below for more information regarding specifications.
Sidewalk needs to be repaired; Who should I contact?
Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. A contractor who is licensed and bonded with the City of Fort Dodge can repair this for you, or you the homeowner can also do the repair with a permit and following city specifications. Please contact the Engineering Department at 576-3601 for details on the ROW Excavation permit or check out the Action Center on this website to obtain a permit. Click below for more information.
Iowa One-Call; What is it?
Iowa One Call is a FREE public service provided to anyone planning to do construction in Iowa. It marks public and private utilities prior to construction.
Iowa One-Call; When do I need to contact them?
You should contact Iowa One-Call any time that you could be disturbing existing underground utilities. Examples include but are not limited to digging, re-grading, or installing fence posts.
Iowa One-Call; How do I contact them for locates?
Iowa One-Call can be reached toll-free at 1-800-292-8989. They will need to be contacted at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before you dig.
Back-fill for street excavations; What kind of material is required?
Suitable Back-fill Material: Class II, Class III, Class IVA, or Class IVB as defined in SUDAS Section 3010, 2.02
Adopt a Pet; Where do I call?
Call the Humane Society at 515-955-8343.
Adult probation; Where do I call?
Please call 515-576-8121.
Alimony payments; Where do I call?
Please Call 515-576-7115.
Animal Control Officer; How do I contact them?
Please call 515-573-2323.
Animal Shelter; How do I contact them?
Contact the Human Society of North Central Iowa, also known as the Almost Home Humane Society.
Chamber of Commerce is the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance; How do I contact them?
Call 515-955-5500, or visit their website.
County Attorney's Office; How do I contact them?
Please Call 515-573-1452
Jury duty; Where do I call for information?
Please call 515-576-7115.
Juvenile probation; Where do I call for information?
Please call 515-573-1449.
Landfill or Garbage Dump information?
Please call 515-573-5381.
Prison, Iowa Correctional Facility?
Please call 515-574-4700.
Pothole in need of repair; How do I report it?
Potholes can be reported through the Connect Fort Dodge/SeeClickFix app, available by the link below. You can enter the location and size of the hole, and even track the progress of the repair. This is a service for you, to help us maintain our streets in the fastest most efficient manner for all in our community.
Civil Questions; Who should I call?
Please call 515-576-7115, Clerk of District Court.
When will Trick or Treat, Beggar's Night be?
Each year on October 31st from 5:30 to 7:00.
Driver's License; Where do I get a Driver's License?
Please Call 515-573-5141,
Property Taxes; Where do I pay taxes on my house and property?
Please call 515-573-2731
Recycling Center; How do I contact them?
Please call 515-955-2781
Small claims court; How do I contact them?
Please call 515-576-2453
Birth certificate; Where do I call for information?
Please call 515-576-2401
Death certificate; Where do I call for information?
Please call 515-576-2401
Where is the police department located in Fort Dodge?
The Police Department is located in the Webster County Law Enforcement Center, 702 1st Avenue South, in downtown Fort Dodge.
Is the Fort Dodge Police Department currently hiring?
Please contact the Human Resources Department for employment opportunities, with the link below or call 515-576-6869.
Fingerprinting; Where can I obtain fingerprinting for job applications.
This service is provided through the County Jail. There is a $20 fee for this service. Please call 515-573-1462 to make an appointment.
What if I want to contest a parking ticket?
You must go to the Treasurer's Office and complete an Appeal Form. Please call 515-573-7156.
Traffic ticket; Where do I pay for this ticket?
Traffic tickets are paid at the Clerk of Court office located in the Webster County Court House, 701 Central Avenue, Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Parking regulations: Where can I get information on parking in the City of Fort Dodge?
You can call the City Clerk's office for parking permit questions. Please call 515-576-4551. All other parking questions should be directed to the Fort Dodge Police Department. Please call 515-573-1426.
Towed vehicle; How do I get my vehicle out of impound?
There are a variety of reasons for a vehicle being towed. (Snow routes, nuisance, traffic hazard, etc.) The City currently has a bid contract with Ponderosa Towing. Please call 515-573-3205 or for nuisance tows please call Custom Auto at 515-955-3838.
Pet license; Do I need a license for my dog or cat?
Yes, these licenses can be purchased at the Treasurer's Office, Municipal Building, 819 1st Avenue South, Fort Dodge. Certificate of Vaccination is required.
What is the city's snow ordinance?
The purpose of this law is to ensure that main arteries can be cleared of snow in an expedient manner. All snow routes are clearly marked and the City Administrator will invoke the ordinance when deemed necessary. Local radio and T.V. and newspapers will be notified when the ordinance is invoked. Cars left parked on the designated routes will be ticketed and towed.
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