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The Downtown Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID)was created in 1982 by the Fort Dodge City Council as a result of petitions submitted to them by downtown property owners requesting its establishment with the intent of improving the downtown commercial area of Fort Dodge.  Additional assessments to the ad valorem consolidated tax rate were implemented in an attempt to develop a self help pool of money to aid and leverage other funds.

The District was renewed by the Fort Dodge City Council upon the receipt of a petition of the involved property owners in the District in 1991.  The renewal petition was objected by approximately eight percent of the owners comprising four percent of the taxable value included.  This was a significantly lower percentage than when the initial district was created, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the District and the use of its funds.  The District was renewed again in 2002 for an additional 10 years.

The nine member SSMID Board made up of property owners or their designees, governs the use of SSMID funds with approval of the City Council.  A listing of historical expenditures can be found here.
Board Members Expires
Mike Doyle 12/31/18
Jim Bird
Steve Eastwood 12/31/18
Cheryl O'Hern
Steve Asche
Bryan Dowd 12/31/16
Mary Kay Daniel
Steve Pederson 12/31/17
Ryan Smith

Downtown Self-Supported Municipal

Improvement District


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Downtown areas are perceived as indicators of community health, both by residents and non-residents.  Where this community is perceived to be going is often a result of appearance and specifically the appearance of the older original commercial area of the community.  This affects decisions to various economic components of the City of even future components.

Market On Central

SSMID is a key supporter of Market on Central, providing $5,000 annually toward the expense to hold the Market.  A successful Market on Central brings exposure to downtown businesses and property owners, while also attracting vendors that my be future small businesses downtown.  Market on Central contributes to the implementation of recommendations of our 2008 Downtown Plan:  enhancing the image of the downtown, establishing diverse housing, stores and services, as well as establishing the downtown as a destination for events and entertainment.  Please visit Market on Central downtown the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from June - September.

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