Council Salary Advisory Board

The board meets the month of December of each even numbered year. Five members serve 4 year terms. Council members appoint from their ward with the City Council approval. Three at-large Council members appoint the at-large member with the City Council approval.

Specific Powers and Duties:

Prescribe reasonable compensation of the Council members and Mayor giving due regard to the duties and responsibilities of each Council member and Mayor.

Commission Member                                                Term Expires

Susan Ahlers Leman          At Large, Chair                 November 1, 2020
Kaye Miklo                         Ward 1                            November 1, 2022
Don Wilson                        Ward 2                            November 1, 2020
Tammy Anderson Alstott   Ward 3                            November 1, 2018
Larry Lee                           Ward 4                            November 1, 2018

Anyone wishing to apply for this commission may contact the Clerks Office at 576-4551 or print off an application form located under the related pages tab.

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In this Department

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