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If you have questions concerning a citation you received, please call RedSpeed at the toll free number on the citation, 1-866-566-3803, and an operator will be able to assist you in a timely manner.
Payment Options:Automated Enforcement

* Online:

* Phone: 1-866-566-3803

* Mail: Fill in the "Pay" circle on the return stub and mail the remittance coupon along with check or money order, payable to City of Fort Dodge Photo Enforcement Program, to:

Photo Enforcement Program

PO Box 2525

Decatur, IL 62525-1866

If you prefer to contest your ticket, you can request an in-person hearing before the Appeals Board. Fill in the "In-Person Hearing" circle on both the payment stub and the return envelope. Return the payment stub in the envelope provided at least 5 days prior to the Due By date displayed on the citation. If you do not receive a notice of your hearing date within 10 days, please call 1-866-566-3803. Hearings will take place at the Law Enforcement Center in Fort Dodge.

Valid reasons to contest:

1. The operator of the vehicle was issued a uniform traffic citation for the violation in question pursuant to Fort Dodge Code Chapter 10 or Iowa Code Chapter 321 (2008).

2. The violation occurred at any time after the vehicle in question or its State Registration plates were reported to a law enforcement agency as having been stolen, provided the vehicle or its plates had not been returned to the registered owner at the time of the alleged violation.

3. The vehicle in question was an authorized emergency vehicle conducting official business.

For more information, see Chapter 10.60 of the City of Fort Dodge Code.

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