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The Lincoln Neighborhood Redevelopment Project began in 2005, when the City was awarded three Congressional earmarks through the Department of Housing and Urban Development totaling $743,400 and a Community Development Block Grant through the Iowa Department of Economic Development in the amount of $483,560.  In 2006, a fourth Congressional earmark in the amount of $285,000 was received, followed by a Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grant in 2008, in the amount of $1,264,787.


Constructed for single-family use, the Lincoln Neighborhood is filled with several large, stately homes that date back as early as 1870 - 1890, many of which are considered historically significant.   In the 1960's this area was re-zoned to allow for multi-family uses.  Because of this re-zoning, many of these homes have since been converted to multiple-family dwellings and rental units. 


An overall disinvestment in the neighborhood has caused much of the housing stock to become deteriorated.  The density has increased exponentially due to multiple families living in homes that were originally built for single-family occupancy.  Compounding this problem is the lack of off-street parking and green space in the neighborhood.


A comprehensive approach has been taken in order to redevelop the Lincoln Neighborhood and return it to the single-family use it was intended to be.  The goals and objectives of this project include:


    • Improvement of the existing housing stock, including conversion to single-family residential use;
    • Lowering the density of the neighborhood through acquisition and demolition of substandard structures;
    • Construction of new affordable housing on in-fill lots, as available and as appropriate;
    • Provision for additional off-street parking;
    • Voluntary down zoning of the area to single-family residential use;
    • Provision for additional green space.


In order to ensure compatibility of new construction or rehabilitated structures within this neighborhood, design standards have been established.


Construction of new structures or alterations to properties in the Lincoln Neighborhood, which are financed in full or in part through the Lincoln Neighborhood Redevelopment Program, shall be done in a manner that is appropriate to the style and age of the building, as well as its neighborhood context.  The historic character and integrity of older buildings should be maintained by repairing historic components to the extent feasible and using traditional materials and techniques.


All projects financed in full or in part through the Lincoln Neighborhood Redevelopment Program, shall be reviewed for compliance with these standards by the Department of Business Affairs and Community Growth.


Examples of components to preserve when feasible include, but are not limited to:


Front porches

Window openings

Door openings

Balustrades and Handrails

Ornamental features

Compatible paint/siding colors

Compatible materials

Original roof pitches and spans
The Lincoln Neighborhood is located within the boundaries of Webster County's only certified Enterprise Zone.  A developer who constructs or rehabilitates at least four single-family homes or at least one multi-family building containing three or more units within the Enterprise Zone is eligible for a refund of all sales, service and use taxes and a 10% state tax credit.  For more information regarding the Enterprise Zone programs, please visit the Enterprise Zone Commission website.
All qualified real estate is eligible to receive an exemption from taxation on the actual value added by the improvements.  Two options are available:
  • Sliding scale for a period of 10 years, ranging from an 80% exemption in year one to a 20% exemption in year 10, or
  • 100% exemption for a period of five years.
To apply for this tax abatement, an Urban Revitalization Tax Abatement Application must be submitted and approved by the City Council.

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