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Airport Commissioners 2017
(Left to Right: John Birkett - Vice Chair, Dean Getting - Commissioner, Deb Johnson - Chair, Ryan Smith -  Commissioner, Jennifer Leiting - Secretary)
The Airport Commission is the governing body presiding over the operations of the Fort Dodge Regional Airport.
Character Counts! Statement
Fort Dodge is a national leader in Character Counts!, endeavoring at all times to promote and model the principles of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. In conducting tonight's meeting, we expect that all participants will act in a respectful manner consistent with these principles.
Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Fort Dodge Regional Airport Commission to provide safe, efficient, environmentally sensitive and economically self-sustaining air transportation facilities responsive to the community needs.
1.  Assure compliance with federal, state and local laws regulating the environment, safety, security and operation of the airport.
2.  Provide state of the art air transportation facilities.
3.  Promote and market the use of air transportation facilities and services to assure community awareness and understanding and to maximize utilization.
4.  Attain full cost recovery for operations and development through a system of user fees and market value leases and agreements.
5.  Protect air transportation facilities from noncompatible development.
6.  Provide flexible air transportation facilities to attract aviation related commercial development.
The Fort Dodge Regional Airport Commission adopts by reference rules and regulations for the Fort Dodge Regional Airport, oversees all personnel matters and governs all operations of the airport.
Commission Members
The Commission consists of five members who each serve a six-year term. The Commission meets on the second Monday of the month at 5:30 pm in the upper level conference room of the Airport.
Name Position Term Expires
Deb Johnson
Chair 11/29/2025
John Birkett
Vice Chairman
Jennifer Leiting
Secretary 11/29/2022
Dean Getting Commissioner 11/29/2022
Ryan Smith Commissioner 11/29/2024
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Anyone wishing to apply for this commission may contact the Airport Office at 573-3881 or print off an application form from the "Links" tab above.

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