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The Records & Information Technology division is overseen by Captain Quintin Nelson, and is comprised of two components: 

1) Records Management - This section maintains all reports and related information generated by Fort Dodge Police Department. Per Iowa Code, copies of these reports are retained for 10 years.   

Incident/Accident Reports: Reports deemed public information may be viewed in person during office hours. Fees to obtain copies of reports and other materials are outlined below and are in accordance with Iowa Code 22.1. Materials beyond the accident/incident report may require a subpoena before they will be released. Most information can be made available immediately, however some requests may take up to 10 days to process. You may also complete this form and mail in your request.

Arrest History Reports: The Records Section can also process local arrest history requests as allowable under Iowa law; however, more inclusive criminal history reports may be obtained from the Iowa Department of Public Safety. For more information, visit 

Accident/Incident Report $5
Photos (digital, emailed) $5
Photos (digital, on disc/drive) $10 per disc/drive provided by FDPD
Photos (printed, color or b&w) $10
Video & Audio Recordings $10 per disc/drive provided by FDPD
FDPD Arrest History Report $15
Additional Printed Materials $0.25 per printed page
Other Quote given

Requests for records can be made in person during office hours or mailed, along with payment (payable to Fort Dodge Police Department) to:

Fort Dodge Police Department

Attn: Records

702 1st Ave. S.

Fort Dodge, IA 50501

For more information on the process for obtaining records, please call 515-573-1424 or email us.

Note: Webster County Jail records can be obtained by contacting the Webster County Sheriff's Office at 515-573-1410. Webster County Communication (dispatch) records can be obtained by contacting the Webster County Telecommunications at 515-573-2323.

2) Information Technology - This section consists of all the technological infrastructure that the Fort Dodge Police Department staff use on a daily basis.  It includes everything from network infrastructure to the laptop computers in our Patrol Division squad cars and our desktop computers in our offices.  Additionally, this section includes the networking between our other public safety partners - the Webster County Communications Center, Webster County Sheriff's Department, and the Webster County Attorney's Office.  Captain Nelson and all our staff utilize technology to enhance our capabilities to provide top-quality service to our citizens and other partners. 

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