What is Envision 2030?



Over the next few months, City of Ft. Dodge residents will be sharing their ideas on how to continue making the City of Ft. Dodge the best place in America to live, work, stay and play for the next 20+ years. This community visioning and planning project is designed to gather input from the city's 25,000+ residents, as well as input from county, regional, and state leaders.  Our goal is to involve and engage residents in planning the city's future.  With broad-based citizen input it is possible to develop a vision for Ft. Dodge that will position the city as the "ideal" city and enable the community to develop plans for achieving goals identified during the process. 


The visioning effort will include one-on-one meetings, community focus group meetings, surveys, and research about the City of Fort Dodge and other benchmark communities.  The process is inclusive and draws input and participation from all citizens. 

The goals for Envision 2030 include:
        Engage citizens in describing the community they'd like to live, work, play, and stay and raise families.
        Draft a "common vision" for Fort Dodge that captures the major elements of the community's suggestions and ideas.
        Draft recommendations for achieving the common vision - and ensure that all citizens have an opportunity to have representation.
        Implement and communicate the visioning process and outcomes.
        Include public involvement and input through open meetings, public communications and easily accessible web site.
        Complete the end product - a report -of long-term goals and plans for the City of Fort Dodge that the vast majority of citizens will recognize as their own and support wholeheartedly.


The first phase began in fall of 2006 with interviews and collecting research data about the City of Fort Dodge and other benchmark communities. The second phase included open focus group sessions and employee awareness meetings that provided an opportunity for all citizens and employees to participate in the visioning and planning process.


The third phase includes the development of recommendations based from generated data.  A draft of the report will be provided for public information and comments. Revisions will be made after a period of public comment and the final report will be published and made available to the public.


The vision for the community will be developed based on the most prevalent ideas that emerge from the community meetings and other informational sources.

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