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  • Envision 2030 Strategic Plan 2011 Update
    2011 Update of Envision 2030 Plan
  • Question 1
    Question 1: Name two concerns you have for the Fort Dodge community in 2007. "Good old boy network" in control of politics 5th Avenue South needs upgrading in appearance. A vision of the state of the art. Wireless communication network, owned and ma...
  • Question 2
    Question 2: Name two assets or positives you see for the Fort Dodge community in 2007. 2030 plan development 2030 planning/vision 4 lane Hwy 20, but need to finish 4 seasons 4H A good range of health care and health care options for a community of o...
  • Question 3
    Question 3: Imagine this community as you would like it to be in 2030. 1=How would it be different compared to the present time? 1. 20 years later 1. 21st century jobs attracting college graduates and their families. 1. 50,000 people, younger popula...
  • Question 4
    Question 4: What do you cherish about Fort Dodge and want to see preserved for future generations? A feeling of home-growing, but still a caring place. A great town to raise a family and not too large at the same time. A place to raise a family--man...
  • Question 5
    Question 5: What would you change to make this a better place to live and work? [Expletive]-can AID and Merle P. 6 pillars A boys and girls club to keep the youth active and out of trouble. A cleaner, positive town. A community center for families a...
  • Question 6
    Question 6: Given how you would like Fort Dodge to be in 20 years, what do you need to start doing now to reach this vision? "Little Chicago" legacy should be played up. If this was a hot spot during "prohibition" it could definitely generate some t...
  • Question 7
    Question 7: Which elements currently present in Fort Dodge do you want to pull forward to 2030? Accountability within the city After-school programs Architecture Architecture/houses (i.e. heritage, Fair Oaks neighborhood) Arts and music kept going i...





Thank you for visiting the Envision 2030 web site! Here you can find general information about Envision 2030, reports on its progress, opportunities for you to share your ideas and ways you can participate in the process.  Please see the "IN THIS DEPARTMENT" section to the left to find these areas of information.


"Over the next 20 years Ft. Dodge will experience many positive changes.  We need to plan how we would like to develop and control these changes.  We need ideas from people from all generations and backgrounds.  We can let the future happen to us or we can be a part of shaping it.  The Council and I think we definitely need to be a part of it, so we initiated this Visioning and Strategic Planning project,"
....... said former Mayor Terry Lutz.



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