City Boards & Commissions

Complete lists of city officials and city departments are also available.

Airport Commission(515) 573-3881Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Airport Commission is the governing body presiding over the operations of the Fort Dodge Regional Airport.
Animal Appeals Board(515) 573-7144Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Animal Appeals Board hears and decides appeals in declaring a dog or cat to be dangerous or vicious.
Blanden Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees(515) 573-2316Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Blanden Charitable Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt entity solely dedicated to the Blanden Art Museum providing exhibitions, art education classes, school programs, conservation, framing, computers, publications, special events and other services allowing the art museum to be a vital and interesting regional cultural center.
Blanden Memorial Board of Trustees(515) 573-2316Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Blanden Museum Board of Trustees oversees hiring of director/employees, personnel matters, follows city pay schedule handles trusts and donations, acquires and owns works of art, cares for them, interprets the, and exhibits them to the public on a regular basis.
Board of Adjustment(515) 576-4551 x 1004Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Board of Adjustment oversees compliance with zoning ordinances.
Board of Appeals(515) 576-4551 x 1004Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Board of Appeals hears and decides appeals with regard to construction.
Civil Service Commission(515) 576-4551Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Civil Service Commission hold examinations for the purpose of determining the qualifications of applicants for positions in the Police, EMS and Fire Departments.
Council Salary Advisory Board(515) 576-4551Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Council Salary Review Board recommends salaries for the Council Members and Mayor.
Historic Preservation Commission(515) 576-4551Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates

The Historic Preservation Commission works to safeguard the City’s historic sites & districts, promote uses of historic buildings, and educate public about historic significance.

Human Rights Commission(515) 576-2201Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
Our Mission: To eliminate discrimination and to establish equality and justice for all persons within the City of Fort Dodge.
Library Board of Trustees(515) 573-8167Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Board of Trustees sets policy for the Fort Dodge Public Library including all personnel issues, building use and maintenance, and budgetary issues.
Municipal Housing Agency Commission(515) 573-7144Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Municipal Housing Agency Commission oversees the Housing Agency operations including budget and expenses.
Parks & Recreation Boards(515) 576-7237Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
Plan & Zoning Commission(515) 576-4551 x 1004Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Plan & Zoning Commission reviews and makes recommendation on zoning questions or re-zoning issues, as well as development of subdivisions.
Public Art Commission(515) 576-4551 x 1246Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID)(515) 576-4551 x 1004Agendas & MinutesMeeting Dates
The Downtown Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID) was created in 1982 to improve downtown Fort Dodge. Fort Dodge was designated as a Main Street Iowa Community in 2017.

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