Citizen's Rental Housing Complaint Form


If you have a complaint about your living conditions, and you are currently living in the rental property, please print out the Citizen's Rental Housing Complaint Form.  You will need to write down whatever you believe to be in violation, sign it, and bring it into our office, 2nd Floor of the Municipal Building, 819 1st Avenue South, Fort Dodge, Iowa.  We must have a current telephone number or speak with you in person.  Please call our office at (515) 576-3602 with any questions.

Housing Complaints

The Rental Housing Inspection Division has a process for handling all rental housing complaints filed by tenants.  The tenant, who must currently be living in the rental unit must stop by our office and fill out a housing complaint form.  Our office is located at 819 1st Avenue South.
An informal inspection may be performed, based upon the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code.  The property owner is then notified of any violations that exist.  After a reasonable time, the property is re-inspected to assure that the violation(s) have been corrected.

The Rental Housing Inspection Division does not involve itself with either tenant or landlord complaints outside of the International Property Maintenance Code.

For Further Information Please contact:
Stacey Rasmussen
Neighborhood Wellness Coordinator
City of Fort Dodge
2nd Floor of the Municipal Building,
819 1st Avenue South, Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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