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In 1976, the State of Iowa passed a law requiring that all cities with a population of over 15,000 people have a rental housing inspection program. 


The Rental Housing Inspection Division of the City of Fort Dodge is responsible for enforcing this program.


To comply with State Law, the City of Fort Dodge City Council has passed Ordinance No. 2079, which requires that all owners of rental property register their property with the City.  Along with the registration of the property, there is a periodic inspection of the property, which is currently on a 3-year rotational basis.

What do we look for when we inspect?

The rental inspections are performed as per the currently adopted 2015 International Property maintenance Code.  Copies of this code may be purchased through the City
Clerk's Office or from the International Code council's website at

As the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Fort Dodge is our number one priority, the following list is intended to be a helpful guide as to what the rental inspector looks
at/for during a rental housing inspection.  This list is intended to be a general guide, and is not all-inclusive.  Click here for full information.

  • There must be operable smoke alarms, with batteries, on every floor, including the basement level, inside every bedroom, and outside of every bedroom area.
  • Windows less than six (6) feet off the ground must have window locks.
  • Deadbolt locks must be installed on all doors accessing the unit.  All locks must be operable from inside the dwelling without the use of special any knowledge or keys.
  • All electrical panels must be fused properly.
  • Heaters and furnaces must have proper gas shut-off and be properly exhausted
  • All stairs with four (4) or more risers must have handrails and/or guardrails.
  • Kitchen and restroom fixtures must have proper water pressure and no leaks.
  • There may be no broken windows ore doors.
  • There must be rescue or escape windows (also known as egress windows) in all sleeping rooms.
  • The property must be free of rubbish and garbage both inside and outside the residence.  No yard waste or debris is allowed to be present in the yard.
  • The property must be structurally sound and the overall safety of the property is of utmost importance.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors must be on every level and outside of each sleeping room.



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