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Network Engineer

    Closes 04/28/2024 at 5:00 pm

    Fort Dodge Fiber is seeking a dedicated and experienced Network Engineer to join our team, dedicated to delivering reliable and high-speed connectivity to the residents and businesses of Fort Dodge. This role involves the day-to-day operation, maintenance, design, and management of our network and data centers. Working under the general direction of the Director of Fort Dodge Fiber, you’ll be carrying out tasks that ensure our network infrastructure performs reliably and efficiently, helping to enhance community access to essential digital resources.

    Must maintain residency within fifteen (15) miles of the corporate limits of Fort Dodge. Residency must be established within 60 days of placement. $85,800.00 annually.


      Closes 05/24/2024 at 5:00 pm

      Looking for a dynamic and rewarding career? Become a firefighter and be a community hero! We're seeking brave and dedicated individuals to join the Fort Dodge Fire Rescue team.

      The Fire Department requires applicants wanting to become a firefighter to have taken a written general knowledge test and a physical agility test. The recruiting process follows the State of Iowa, Civil Service guidelines. Our EMS staff follow similar procedures. We are a member of the Central Iowa Fire & EMS Testing Consortium (CIFEMSC) and accept the computer-based IO Solutions written test and CIFEMSC physical agility or CPAT or FDFD's local physical agility.

      Fort Dodge Fire Department requires its firefighters to live within 15 miles of the city limits within one year of hire. $53,376.00 annually.

      Certifications & assignment can increase base hourly pay:

      Certification Pay
      Additional Pay Per Hour

      Are you considering moving to the region and are curious about what Fort Dodge has to offer? Check out these resources!


      Part Time/Seasonal Opportunities:

      Seasonal Laborer

      Join the City of Fort Dodge Public Works team this summer to help us efficiently execute our "Junk Days on Demand" program and contribute to the overall maintenance and improvement of our city's infrastructure. This role is perfect for individuals who enjoy outdoor work, have a strong work ethic, and are committed to serving their community. As a Seasonal Laborer, you will play a crucial role in enhancing our city's livability through various projects, including bulk item collection, concrete work, road maintenance, and facility upkeep.

      Parks, Recreation & Forestry Positions

      • Varies based on position

      Having difficulty applying? See our Seasonal Parks & Rec Application tutorial.

      Seasonal Parks & Recreation applicants who are 18 years of age and older that receive a conditional offer of employment will need to complete a background check if the following criteria are met:

      • The individual will be working with or around children; and/or
      • The individual will be handling money


      Please see the Criteria for Exclusion for background results that would disqualify an individual from full-time, part-time and seasonal employment.

      The City of Fort Dodge is Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or any protected status.  If you need accommodations during the selection process because of a disability, please notify the HR Director at 515-576-6869 and we will provide appropriate accommodations. 


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