Employee Benefits

The City of Fort Dodge offers a wide variety of benefits to employees to include vacation, sick, and holiday pay, medical and dental insurance, life insurance, retirement insurance, and more!

Health Insurance


Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Register online for access to a variety of healthcare tools and information!)

Summary of 2018 Health Insurance Plans

High Deductible Health Plan Summary of Coverage & Benefits 2018

High Deductible Health Plan Coverage Manual 2018

Alliance Select 500 Summary of Coverage & Benefits 2018

Alliance Select 500 Coverage Manual 2018

Health Insurance 101: Where do my premium dollars go?

How to pull your "Year-to-Date Spend" report

Flexible Spending Accounts


Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Enrollment Guide

FSA Flyer

FSA Enrollment Form

FSA HealthCare Account Pay Me Back Claim Form

FSA DependentCare Pay Me Back Claim Form

FSA Eligible Expenses

Health Saving Accounts

Invest Your HSA - Instructions

Healthcare Account Pay Me Back Claim Form

Account Information Change Form

HSA Eligible Expenses

IRS Publication 502 Eligible Expenses

Dental Insurance

Delta Dental

Find a Provider

Delta Dental of Iowa Manual 

Delta Dental Benefits Summary

Delta Dental Change Form

Vision Care Discount Program

Vision Insurance *100% Voluntary*

Avesis Vision

Find a Provider

Avesis Vision Benefits Summary

Avesis Vision Change Form

Life Insurance

The Hartford

The Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Coverage Summary

The Hartford Benefit Highlight Sheet - Class 1

The Hartford Benefit Highlight Sheet - Class 2

The Hartford Benefit Highlight Sheet - Class 3

The Hartford Beneficiary Designation Form

The Hartford Safe Haven Program



457 Deferred Compensation Plan Employee Enrollment Form

Payroll Roth IRA Account Application Form

Vantagecare Retirement Health Savings Plan Enrollment Form

Vantagecare Retirement Health Savings Plan Reimbursement Form


Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System (IPERS)

IPERS Contribution Rates

Understanding IPERS

IPERS Enrollment/Beneficiary Change Form


Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa (MFPRSI)

MFPRSI Contribution Rates

MFPRSI Name/Address Change Form

MFPRSI Beneficiary Form

my Social Security

My Social Security Benefits

Employee Assistance Program

Your EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
     Your EAP Video (3 min.)

EAP: ComPsych GuidanceResources Flyer


Provider Flyer

Wellmark Calls

Healthcare While Traveling

Drug Alert - Celebrex

Drug Alert - Intuniv

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