2020 IGHCP Transition


April 2, 2020 IGHCP City of Fort Dodge Employee Education

7/1/2020 Health Insurance Summary

IGHCP Claims Process


IGHCP Plan A High Deductible Health Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

IGHCP Plan B Traditional Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Blue Choice - Guest Membership


Wellmark Application for Health Insurance Form Complete this form only if you want to change plans effective 7/1/2020.  Plan A is the high deductible health plan.  Plan B is the traditional ($500/$1000 deductible) plan.

Two Rivers HSA New Account Information Form This form must be completed by all employees on Plan A, the high deductible health plan, to set up a new health savings account.

Employees who are currently on Plan A with an HSA will need to complete an HSA Request to Transfer Form to move funds from your current account into the new account. This way all your health savings funds will be in one account for you to easily access and pay for medical expenses.  HR will contact each employee with an HSA to complete the transfer form after their new account is established.  All new accounts should be setup by the end of May.  More details about the transfer process and how to complete the form will be provided soon!  All transfer forms should be completed and signed by Friday, June 5th.  This will ensure sufficient time for transfer of funds to take effect by July 1st.  

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