Fire Suppression

Fire suppression is the primary mission of the Fort Dodge Fire Department. Currently, our fire division staffs 2 fire suppression apparatus, 1 dual-role ambulance, and a command vehicle. Each fire suppression apparatus is staffed with a Lieutenant and 2-3 firefighters. Our dual-role ambulance is staffed with 2 firefighter/medics and our command vehicle is staffed with our shift Captain.

Our fire suppression personnel are assigned to one of our 3 shifts and work the California Swing schedule. Due to our EMS staffing coverage, our minimum fire staff is 8 on-duty during the day and 9 fire staff on-duty during the night. Our fire staff operate under Standard Operating Procedures and utilize the best available equipment.

As of 2022, we are on pace to have 1 fire per week in Fort Dodge.

Front door fire

Firefighters prepare to attack a house fire. 

Photo: Messenger News

Newton at window

A firefighter opens a wall.

Photo: Messenger News

Nozzle Jump Seats Car 2

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