The City standard design specifications, being SUDAS,
 Statewide Urban Design and Specifications can be
accessed through the icon link below.



Suitable Backfill Material:  Class II, Class III, Class IVA, or Class IVB as defined in SUDAS Section 3010, 2.02


Unsuitable Backfill Material:  Includes, but is not limited to, the following materials:

  1. Soils not classified as suitable backfill material, as defined in SUDAS Section 3010,2.02.
  2. Individual stones or concrete chunks larger than 6 inches and averaging more than one per each cubic foot of soil.
  3. Frozen materials.
  4. Stumps, logs, branches, and brush.
  5. Trash, metal, or construction waste.
  6. Soils in clumps or clods larger than 6 inches, and without sufficient fine materials to fill voids during placement.
  7. Environmentally contaminated soils.


Place backfill in lifts no greater than 6 inches thick.  Compact granular backfill to 65% relative density and other backfill material to 95% Standard Proctor Density.

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