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Right of Way Excavation Contractors:

Ordinance Updates effective 1/1/21: 

City Performance Bond Form: ROW Bond Form

All contractors must:

NOTE: Homeowners are allowed to repair/replace their own public sidewalk only (not include ADA ramps). A permit is required. Any other work must be performed by a registered contractor.

Failure to submit a permit request prior to beginning work will result in the permit fee being doubled.

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Mission Statement:
A mission to regulate the opening and excavation of public places, imposing requirements of minimum standards for the protection of life and property in connection with excavation work, including traffic and pedestrian safeguards, the protection of utilities and other property. Also to regulate the backfilling and resurfacing of excavations and prescribing penalties for violations of its provisions.


A permit is required for the following:
      Sidewalk Construction
      Driveway Construction
      Curb and Gutter Opening
      Sewer Service Repair or Connection
      Water Service Repair or Connection
      Storm Service Repair or Connection

Right of Way Excavation Permit  FAQ's Click Here!


  • Inspections are required for all work unless waived by the Engineer.
  • Contact the Engineering Department for inspections, 515-576-4551 ext 1236.
  • Allow 1 working days notice. Inspections are required prior to placing concrete, when forms are set.
  • Additional requirements may be prescribed in the permit. 

 All work requiring a permit shall conform to the Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications. (SUDAS)

Refer to the links below for shortcuts to SUDAS Details as well as Supplemental Specifications.

Street Patch Guidelines

  1. Patches must be rectangular in shape.
  2. In general, comply with specifications below for patch depth and dimensions, unless specified otherwise in these guidelines.
  3. Concrete and asphalt patches shall be the greater depth of 7" or as indicated in the details.
  4. Seal coated gravel streets shall be patched with a minimum of 3" asphalt.
  5. Full panel patches may be required on 5th Avenue South, 15th Street or other highly traveled streets.
  6. Backfill shall comply with SUDAS Section 3010,2.02.
  7. Contractors are required to obtain excavation permits for all work in the right-of-way, and to have all utilities located prior to excavation. Homeowners are only allowed to repair/replace their sidewalks and an excavation permit is required.

  Street Patch Specifications
        7040.101 Full Depth P.C.C. Patching
        7040.102 Full Depth Patch Details with Reinforcing Steel
        7040.103 HMA Full Depth Patch Details

Sidewalk Guidelines

  1. Minimum width of a public sidewalk in residential areas is four 4 feet but must match adjacent property.
  2. Minimum depth of a sidewalk is six (6) inches across driveways and four (4) inches elsewhere.
    1. Sidewalks shall have increased depth, as per specifications shown below in Figure 7030.210, when the sidewalk being installed is a Class A walk (adjacent to the back of curb)
  3. Maximum cross slope shall be two (2) percent.
  4. Contractors are required to obtain excavation permits, and to have all utilities located prior to excavation.

   Sidewalk Specifications
        7030.201 Classes of Sidewalks
        7030.205 General Curb Ramp Details
        7030.206 Curb Ramps Outside of Intersection Radius
        7030.209 Curb Ramps within Intersection Radius for Class A Sidewalk
        7030.207 Curb Ramps within Intersection Radius for Class B or C Sidewalk

Driveway Guidelines

  1. Width of a driveway is determined by location, please see Table 1 5I-4 below.
  2. Depth of a driveway is determined by use, please see Table 1 5I-4 below.
  3. Maximum cross slope shall be two (2) percent, for the sidewalk section of the driveway approach.  The sidewalk must be a delineated by a joint or saw cut.
  4. If driveway to be replaced extends to gutter line, see "Compliant Driveway Detail."         
  5. Contractors are required to obtain excavation permits, and to have all utilities located prior to excavation.

   Driveway Specifications
        Compliant Driveway Detail
        Driveway Grading
        7030.101 Concrete Driveway, Type A
        7030.102 Concrete Driveway, Type B
        7010.102 P.C.C. Curb Details

 Traffic Control Guidelines

  1. In general all traffic control shall comply with the most current edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  2. Traffic control on 5th Avenue South, 15th Street, and Business US 169 shall comply with the Iowa Department of Transportation Standard Road Plans for Traffic Control.
  3. Flashing lights shall be mounted on barricades for all overnight closures.
  4. 48 hour notice to the Engineering Department is required for any street or lane closures

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