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                   Departures to St. Louis                              Arrivals from St. Louis

                          Monday-Friday                                        Monday-Friday

                               10:45 AM                                                  8:10 AM

                                4:15 PM                                                   3:40 PM

                               Saturday                                                  Saturday

                                1:00 PM                                                    7:00 PM

                                Sunday                                                     Sunday                    

                                1:00 PM                                                    7:00 PM

                  Departures to Chicago                              Arrivals from Chicago

                        Monday-Friday                                         Monday-Friday

                               8:30 AM                                                     3:35 PM

                Departures to Minneapolis                        Arrivals from Minneapolis

                        Monday-Friday                                         Monday-Friday

                              6:30 AM                                                  10:05 AM

                              4:30 PM                                                    8:20 PM

                            Saturday                                                   Saturday

                              9:00 AM                                                   12:20 PM

                             Sunday                                                      Sunday

                               9:00 AM                                                   12:20 PM 



Fort Dodge Check-In Time

at least 1 Hour Prior to Departure Time

Note: Check-in will not be allowed less than 30 minutes prior to departure if bags need to be checked.

Reservations - 866-435-9847

FD Ticket Counter - 515-573-4455

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